Residential and Commerical
Interior and Exterior

Whether you are looking for a full exterior paint job for your house or just need to brighten up the storefront of your business, we offer detailed, all inclusive pricing at competative rates

Pressure Washing and Gutter Cleaning:

Take a "To Do" off your list and stay safely on the ground! We can also remove layers of grime off of your deck using a bio-degradable product which cleans without killing your plants or harming your pets.

Chemical Stripping:

Want to return your crown molding to its original beauty? We can strip off layers of old paint and apply new stain or polyurethane. Worried about lead? We can remove old lead paint in a clean and safe manner to protect your family and pets.


Whether you want to remove outdated paper or hang new, we can help. Both paper and vinyl.


Building a new house? Just need some patchwork or repairs done? Give us a call. No job is too small or too large. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing:

Return your floors to their shining glory or make a statement with a new stain.

Fire Barrier Coating:

Spray foam insulation can get into those tight spaces and save on your energy bills but may not meet the building department's specifications if exposed. We can help you get up to code in one easy step. Unlike covering it with drywall, which will then have to primed or painted, fire barrier coating can be custom tinted! It has a 15 min fire rating and has been approved by the City of Ithaca Building Department to meet code.